LumenBar V2 FAQ

LumenBar V2: Detailed Setup Guide

Standard Configuration Instructions

1. Initial Power Connection: Upon plugging in the LumenBar V2, the display will indicate a flashing time. For optimal visibility of the screen, tilt it downwards.

2. Hour Setting: Utilize the up/down arrow buttons to adjust the current hour. The default setting begins at midnight. Continue adjusting until 'PM' appears to the left of the time display for afternoon settings.

3. Minute and Format Setting: Press the gear icon to shift to the minute adjustment. After setting the correct minutes, press the gear icon once more to toggle between 12-hour (AM/PM) and 24-hour formats. Confirm your selection by pressing the gear icon.

4. Daylight Operation Indication: After the previous step, 'Day L ON' will flash on the screen.

5. Daylight Operation Activation: While 'Day L ON' is flashing, press and hold the gear icon for three seconds until 'ON' is displayed on both sides at the bottom of the screen.

6. Setting On/Off Times: Press the gear icon to set the 'on' time hour and minutes, followed by the 'off' time. Confirm these settings by pressing the gear icon once more.

7. Automatic Operation: The light will operate between the set on and off times, gradually increasing and decreasing in intensity, peaking at 100% power.

Advanced Timer Configuration

For users desiring to customize the intensity to less than 100% or require a more intricate program, the advanced timer function is recommended. This feature allows for eight distinct time settings throughout the day.

1. Entering Advanced Mode: Simultaneously press and hold the Gear and Light buttons for three seconds. A successful activation will display 'OFF' on the screen.

2. Activating Advanced Timer: Toggle the advanced timer to 'ON' using either the up or down arrow, then press the Gear button to begin setting the first timer point.

3. Setting Timer Points: The display will show 'L1' with a blinking percentage next to it. Select a power range between 10-100%. For a gradual increase in intensity, start with a lower percentage (e.g., 10-20%). Press the Gear button to set the start hour, ensuring the correct AM/PM setting, followed by the minute setting. Repeat these steps for each subsequent timer point (L2, L3, etc.), noting that the start time for each is determined by the end time of the previous point.

4. Peak Intensity Settings: Ideally, set the highest intensity around points L3-L4. Subsequent points should gradually decrease in intensity.

5. Off Time Setting (L6): Ensure the end time at L6 corresponds to the desired off time of your LumenBar.

6. Overnight Settings (L7 and L8): For a moonlight effect, set L7 to a low intensity (e.g., 10%) with an end time an hour later. L8 should be set to 0% and timed just before L1 begins for night hours.

7. Saving the Program: Press the Gear Icon to save your settings. To make adjustments, re-enter the advanced mode and navigate through each timer point using the Gear button, making necessary changes.

Should you require any further assistance or clarification, please refer to the user manual or contact our customer support team.