Photon V2 Pro FAQ

Photon V2 Pro Light Setup Guide


Initial Setup:

  1. Power Connection: First, attach the power supply to your light, then plug it into a wall outlet.
  2. Light Initialization: The light will cycle through colors, and the fans will activate. The indicator LED will display multiple colors before settling on flashing blue.
  3. App Setup: Ensure you've downloaded the Reef Nexus app, created an account, and logged in.
  4. Adding Device in App: In the app, tap the "+" icon next to "equipment," select "Reef Breeders," and choose "ready."
  5. WiFi Connection: Exit the app, go to your phone's WiFi settings, connect to "ReefBreeders-Light_XXXXXX" (The Xs will be 6 unique characters). A prompt should direct you back to the app. If you don't see the prompt, make sure the light is solid blue, then open the Reef Nexus app. 
  6. Network Setup: In the app, select your 2.4GHz WiFi network, enter the password (case-sensitive, check for special characters).
  7. Finalizing Connection: Once connected, the LED will turn solid green. Name your light in the app and adjust the color sliders to test responsiveness.
  8. Firmware Update: New lights might perform a firmware update (indicator changes to flashing purple). Do not unplug during this process. The light will reboot and reconnect to your WiFi.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Light Stuck on Solid Blue: If the light is solid blue, disconnect it from your phone's WiFi settings by choosing "forget this network." Then, restart the Reef Nexus app and follow the connection steps.
  • Internet Connection Issues: Ensure connection to a 2.4GHz network. Reset your router and light by unplugging for 30 seconds. Verify the network password.
  • Light Schedule Adjustment: If the light's timing is off, change the timezone in the app settings to a different one, save, then switch back to the correct timezone.
  • Remote Control: After installing the Reef Nexus kit, the old remote control will no longer work. Control the light using the smartphone app.
  • Reset Button: Located inside the endcap. Use the included key or a flat head screwdriver to press it gently.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Smartphone with Android or iOS is necessary.
  • A 2.4GHz WiFi network with internet access is required. For 5GHz only networks, adjust router settings or contact ISP.
  • In remote areas or at tradeshows, a mobile hotspot can be used for setup.
  • The light automatically reconnects to WiFi after updates or resets.