Nautilus DC Pump Manual

Feed / Alarm Button

  1. Push Button Functions:
    • First Press: Activates feed mode for 10 minutes. The RED light will illuminate.
    • Second Press: Extends feed mode to 30 minutes. The GREEN light turns on.
    • Third Press: Further extends feed mode to 50 minutes, indicated by the BLUE light.
    • Fourth Press: Exits feed mode and returns to normal operation.

    Note: When exiting feed mode and returning to normal operation, the system automatically reduces the pump speed by two levels for one hour as a precaution to prevent overflows and ensure aquarium stability. For example, if the default speed is 8, it will temporarily drop to 6 upon exiting feed mode, then return to 8 after one hour. You can disable this feature using the steps below if desired. 

  2. Press and Hold Functions:
    • First Press and Hold: Deactivates the sensor and overflow protection. The first LED on the left side of the controller will flash to indicate this mode is disabled. During this mode, pressing the feed button will not change the speed; the pump will continue at its initial flow rate. The float switch will also be de-activated.
    • Second Press and Hold: Exits the first setting.

Arrow Key (Down):

  • Press: Adjusts the flow rate down.
  • Press and Hold: Enables 0-10V input for control via a 3rd party controller, such as the Coralvue Hydros, GHL Profilux, Neptune Apex or other 0-10V DC controllers. Please note that an adapter cable (sold separately) is required. Press and hold again to exit this mode.

Arrow Key (Up):

  • Press: Adjusts the flow rate.
  • Press and Hold: Enters lock mode. Press and hold again to exit.

Wave Mode: Activate wave mode by simultaneously pressing the up and down keys.