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0-10 V Apex Compatible Power Supply (V1 Bars Only)

0-10 V Apex Compatible Power Supply (V1 Bars Only)

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NOTE: These are NOT compatible with the V2 LumenBars. The V2 LumenBars include a controller with built in ramping down to 1%. We will be releasing and apex power supply for the V2 bars soon, stay tuned for updates.

These new power supplies replace the drivers that are included with your LumenBar Color as a default. The MeanWell HLG-60H-42B accepts a 0-10V dimming signal and can be dimmed as low as 10% using the Apex or similar aquarium controllers. The power supply must be disconnected from AC power to power down completely.

There are several sizes available. Please note that for 36" light bars, you MUST have 2 bars plugged in before using these power supplies. For the 24" bars, you MUST have 3 bars plugged in. Failure to do so can cause damage to your LumenBars and will void your warranty.

These power supplies have a 120-240V AC input with a 3 prong USA outlet included, and a 6 foot power cord. The output consists of 1, 2, or 3 plugs for your LumenBar Color. There is also a 2-wire 0-10V control input, with a Blue (+) and White (-) contact. The power supply will default to 100% power with no 0-10v input.

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